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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sepilok Sandakan

Orang Utan

Hidden amongst a veritable treasure trove of tropical plants and grasses, hug trees and spectacular orchids in bloom, the quaint bungalows of the Sepilok Nature Resort are within walking distance of the world-famous Kabili-Sepilok Forest Reserve, precious home of the last wild Orang-Utans of Northern Borneo.Combining rich traditional style with contemporary luxury, Sepilok Nature Resort is the ideal starting point for most other wildlife land destinations in Sabah such as the fauna rich Kinabatangan River and the surrounding Sukau area. Sepilok Nature Resort also offers the perfect setting for relaxing after a long plane trip, before continuing on a diving holiday to Lankayan.

Sipadan Island

Resort For Tourist

The name of Sipadan is simply legendary in diving circles, conjuring images of patrolling hammerhead sharks, millions of technicolored reef fish and, above all, dozens of sea turtles swimming peacefully everywhere. This description is not far from reality: it might even actually be down played a little as Sipadan is considered one of the five top diving destinations in the world. This small rainforest-covered tropical island rising from a 700 meter abyss in the Celebes Sea is a destination the committed diver cannot miss. Pulau Sipadan Resort & Tours Sdn Bhd is one of the dive operators that are allowed to bring divers to Sipadan Island. Specialize in dive and nature tour packages to 3 notably top dive and nature resorts in Borneo; Sipadan-Kapalai Dive Resort, Lankayan Island Dive Resort and Sepilok Nature Resort as well as to other Sabah’s wildlife destinations, we provide an ideal combination of the perfect Borneo holiday.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Sabah's Lost World

"Maliau Basin is the single best place in Borneo to experience the wonders of primary tropical forest. More than that, it is one of the world's great reserves of biodiversity, a dense knot of almost unbelievable genetic richness." Lonely Planet Borneo, 2008

In 1947, a British pilot was heading towards Tawau when he flew over what he thought was a mist-shrouded jungle. But as the cloud dissipated, he found himself encircled by a wall of steep cliff rising some 915 metres above the jungle floor. This serendipitous discovery was reported in the Borneo Bulletin which was first published in 1953; this episode did not generate much interest and quietly slipped back into obscurity.

Surrounded on all sides by wickedly steep and forbidding slopes, Sabah's 'Lost World' covering an area slightly bigger than Singapore is insurmountable by foot in all direction. The only way in is at the point where the Maliau River - the only one flowing here - exits the basin. But even this is guarded by a series of impressive waterfalls and gorges. Inaccessibility has led to its natural secrets being hidden from mankind for millions of years.

Then in 1988, the first expedition opened a Pandora's Box of surprises, unveiling the mystery and beauty of a world untouched by the passage of time; where nature and wildlife coexists in perfect harmony, tucked in what seemed to be the very edge of the world: A 'Jurassic Park' sans dinosaurs.

To date, only about 2,000 people have set foot in the Maliau Basin and only less than 50% of the area has been explored........

Maliau Basin Conservation Area is located in south central Sabah, about 40 km north of the Kalimantan border, and adjacent to Yayasan Sabah Forest Management Area. It is accessible via the towns of Tawau or Keningau, both 4 to 5 hour drives away. Four-wheel drive is recommended as part of the journey is on unpaved roads.

At Maliau Basin Security Gate, where the Shell Maliau Basin Reception and Information Building is located, an access road leads to Agathis Camp and Maliau Basin Studies Centre. There are no roads inside the Conservation Area.

The mystical Maliau Basin is one of Malaysia's finest remaining wilderness areas.

Bounded by a formidable escarpment reaching over 1,675m asl, the almost circular Basin encompasses reaching over 390 km2 of pristine forest, a virtually self-contained ecosystem, never permanently inhabited and with large areas still remaining to be explored and documented. Remarkably, the whole basin is a single huge water catchment, drained by one river only, the Maliau River, which flows through a gorge in the southeast of the Basin, joining the Kuamut River and eventually the Kinabatangan, Sabah's largest and most important waterway.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kudat - Tip Of Borneo Resort

The name of Tip of Borneo is not new to many Malaysian. Since it was open the this particular beautiful spot has become a must visit in Kudat. There are so many new development carried out in the area around the Tip of Borneo or otherwise k Tip of Borneo Resortnown as Tanjung Simpang Mengayau in Kudat.If this is your first time visiting the Tip of Borneo, please don't worry so much because this particular tourist spot has everything you need. There are clean and good toilets as well as restaurant for you to have breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea time or even dinner.Accommodation is also not a problem now. Compare to before, you will have to come here and go back to Kudat town for accommodation. But now, accommodation is no longer a problem. You can check-in to any of the accommodation available at the Tip of Borneo and enjoy the sunset views or the night there. Safety is not an issue as there are police station there as Tip of Borneo ResortJust recently, there are newly opened resot there. Ther name it as Tip of Borneo Resort. The Tip of Borneo resort is just opened this year (2011) situated nearby the beach, about 100 metres from the police station.The Tip of Borneo Resort has a website at Below is what the resort have to say about them:-Greetings from Tommy's Place.We are pleased to announce that we are opened to provide accommodations at the tip of Borneo.The tip of borneo has traditionally been the mecca for local surfers and windsurfers.The cross current between the sulu sea and the south china sea makes surfable waves readily Tip of Borneo ResortWinds are strong here in June to October but in the winter months tajau laut is strongest.If you are planning to stay in the Tip of Borneo Resort, they provide two payment option for you to choose from:-1. PayPal -please click the checkbox below2. Cash - If you are in Sabah and you wish to pay by cash, please pay to:Account: Arumdawo Tours & Travel Sdn BhdAccount No: 3150064934- Public bankRoom RatesTip of Borneo Resort room rates are only 60 usd per night for twin rooms including breakfast for two. If you are not paying by paypal but would prefer to bank in our account please pay Ringgit 180 per night.Alternatively you can also send them an e-mail of your date of intended check-in and they will confirm with you if the room is available first.Only after confirmation from them that there is a room reserved for you will you then return to this page to pay for the room.

Contact details:-Unit 3.15, 3rd Floor,Asia City Complex, 
Jalan Asia CityKota Kinabalu, Sabah 88000Malaysia
ph: +6088-238 445fax: +6088-494 468alt: +6013-811 2315 / +6013-868 1234


Contact Us At:
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D'SEVEN TRAVEL & TOURS SDN. BHD. (Company No. 826064-U), was incorporated in Malaysia on the 21st. July 2008. The company's is registered with Ministry of Tourism Malaysia ( License No.KPL/LN 5783).

Friday, June 17, 2011

Diving in Mantanani - Mantatani Island

Diving In Kudat
There are two popular diving area in Kudat for those diving lovers. If you are looking for a nearer and cheaper diving adventures, Kudat is  one of the options.

Diving in Mantanani - Mantatani Island

Catch some diving adventure in Mantanani. Mantanani is a group of three isolated islands situated northwest of Kota Belud. You can get to Mantanani island either from Kudat or Kota Belud, however it is recommended that you got to Mantanani from Kota Belud. Until recently the islands were only known to a few locals. The largest island houses the only dive resort, Mantanani Resort which is situated at the western end of the edge of a white sandy bay. Nestled amongst the tall coconut palms are beach cabins scattered around the main plantation styled house.

Three wrecks have been discovered which still hold plenty of secrets and are now home to a menagerie of marine creatures such as Lion fish, Scorpion fish, Octopus, Glass fish and the coral reefs surrounding the islands have plenty to offer, both the novice and experienced diver. Many species of rays can be found, Marbled stingray, Blue spotted ray and large schools of eagle rays.

For macro photographers the "muck diving" is amazing, seahorses, imperial shrimps, pink-eye gobies, jaw fish, blue-ringed octopus, ribbon eels and many nudibranch you will not be able to find in the book! There are now 16 dive sites identified by Mantanani Resort with many more still to be explored.

Catch some diving adventures in Mantanani island, who know you will make some important discoveries there.

Wreck-Diving Around North West of Sabah - Kudat Region

Off the north west coast of Sabah lie a group of  islands including Pulau Balambangan, Pulau Banggi, Pulau Jambongan, Pulau Balak and Pulau Malawali. A number of wrecks and rarely dived reefs have recently been discovered in this area and now a Kota Kinabalu based company, Sipadan-Mabul Regal Tours, have a live-aboard boat regularly visiting the area. The 'Scuba Explorer' is a 70ft live-aboard motor yacht with comfortable accommodation for 12 people and 6 crews. Designed for comfort and effortless diving, the Scuba Explorer covers the Kudat wrecks and reef diving around the islands of north-west Sabah.

Three wrecks have been discovered to date, all thought to be merchant ships. Two are lying at 20m-25m and the other lying a little deeper at 50m. All three wrecks resemble coral gardens being completely covered in colourful sponge and soft corals.

Marine life around the wrecks includes schools of glass fish, lion fish, scorpion fish and huge resident grouper. The surrounding islands have shallow fringing reefs with all the regular reef fish such as the coral trout, butterfly fish, angel fish and occasional cuttlefish. These reefs have been rarely been dived and therefore new sites are being discovered on many of the trips.


Sabah and its surrounding waters have been recognized as marine turtle sanctuary since the opening of the Turtle Island Parks on its east coast. Managed by Sabah Park, The beaches welcome nesting green and hawksbill turtles every night all year round.

Similarly, the Wildlife Department monitors and protects nesting green and hawksbill turtles that visit Pulau Sipadan's shores. On nearby Pulau Mabul, the Fisheries Department together with Sipadan Mabul had sunk hundreds of concrete pipes to form small artificial patch reefs surrounding a small wooden shipwreck. A fish poaching vessel was also sunk off the island of Pulau Langkayan and already host a myriad of creatures from the smallest ghost pipefish to the giant stingrays and schooling barracuda.

Sipadan Water Village on Pulau Mabul, is also actively engaged in coral reef research. Dive masters and instructors are encouraged to study both the fish and coral life in detail in collaboration with a Japanese Natural History Museum.

Each year, in June, the dive centre's management and outside guest speakers run a specialized Marine Day  and provide hands on lectures to guest sharing their studies and encourage them to take part in their coral relocation and growth studies so that diver may learn more about the coral reef environment.

Gayana Island Eco Resort located on Pulau Gaya has a Giant Clam Rehabilitation Centre and also run a 'Reef Project'. Here they have a coral growth nursery and conduct clam induced spawning. Giant clams are one of the many marine species to have demised around Sabah in recent years.

University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) run an extensive marine research program especially into alternative marine culture program designed to reduce  fishing intensity from Sabah's coral reefs. Giant clams, groupers and Napoleon wrasse are some of the subjects grown and bred in specialized farms. They also run a whale shark research program, each year when the whale sharks pass through the water close to Kota Kinabalu they attempt to tag the sharks to document their migration routes.

Each year. PADI Project Aware beach and reef cleaning events are run to heighten public awareness in the importance of a clean marine environment. This has become a popular event with all the Dive Resort and local people participating.

Dive Operators

G27, Ground Floor, Wisma Sabah, 88000
Kota Kinabalu.
Phone: +60 88 256 483
Fax: +60 88 255 482
Mobile Phone: +60 12 833 9901

Lot 121, 1st Floor, Wisma Sabah
88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Phone/Fax: +60 88 456 568
Mobile: +60 16 812 0101

Lot G18, Ground Floor, Jalan Tun Abdul Razak
Wisma Sabah, 88808 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Phone: +60 88 253 870 / 253 880/ 253 890
Fax: +60 88 253 817
Mobile Phone: +60 16 833 4407

4th Floor, Room 422-424, Wisma Sabah
88300 Kota Kinabalu Sabah, Malaysia
Phone: +60 88 261 669 / 251 669
Fax: +60 88 251 667

Lot A-1-G, Block A, Signature Office, KK Times Square,
Off Coastal Highway, 88864 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysia
P.O.Box 15571, 88864 Kota Kinabalu Saba Malaysia
Phone: +60 88 486 389
Fax: +60 88 486 628

9th Floor, Menara Jubili, 53 Jalan Gaya
88000 Kota Kinabalu Sabah Malaysia
Phone: +60 88 222 226
Fax: +60 88 221 550

Lot G28, Ground Floor, Jalan Tun Abdul Razak,
Wisma Sabah, 88000, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Phone: +60 88 266 695 / 256 695
Fax: +60 88 236 695

Lot No. A1103, 11th Floor, Wisma Merdeka (mail box No. A236)
Jalan Tun Razak, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Phone: +60 88 240 584
Fax: +60 88 240 415

We will continue to update this listing from time-to-time. If you wish your company to be listed here in our diving tour operators or companies listing, please contact us. However you are required to proved that you are licensed to operate by Ministry of Tourism Culture and Environment, Kota Kinabalu Sabah. Our e-mail is

Karaoke Way To Promote Sabah Culture

Tourism, Culture and the Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun said the production of Sabahan Karaoke MTV VCDs was one way to promote the unique culture of Sabah and enrich the creative works of the State.

He said this in a speech read out by his Assistant Minister, Datuk Bolkiah Ismail, during the launching of the Sri Bayu Karaoke MTV produced by Online Productions and featuring local singers Clarice John Matha, Meeda Hamzani, Lydia Kalidin and Rozza Rothman, here, Monday.

"The songs, dances, locations, legends, language and voice quality featured in an MTV Karaoke also represent the culturalisation of a race and can be made into a platform to help present the beauty and richness of our local culture and entertainment arts to the outside world," said Masidi.

He said the production of the local MTV Karaoke will also be a valuable addition to efforts to encourage the younger generation to understand and appreciate Sabah's unique local arts and culture.

"As such, I ask all arts and culture enthusiasts in the State to follow the initiative and steps taken by Online Productions and BestaBorneo Sdn Bhd to produce local creative works.

"The production of creative works should not be based on commercial values and profit only but should be seen also from the standpoint of contributions to the development and branding of our culture," he said.

Masidi said any effort to do so by arts and culture enthusiasts in the State is sure to receive the support of his Ministry.

In another development Bolkiah said the Government will not hesitate to take action against travel agencies which do not provide separate accommodations for male and female tourist guides and force tourist guides of different genders to share rooms.

"It is immoral for them to do so and the Government will not hesitate to take action including suspending or revoking their licences," he said.

He was commenting on the reports in the national and Chinese media highlighting a recent case where a tour guide in the peninsula claimed that a tour bus driver who shared a room with her had sexually assaulted her.

The Tourism Ministry had made a ruling in 2009 that requires men and women guides to stay separately during tours following complaints of the practice in the industry where tour guides of different genders were forced to share rooms.

Also present at the ceremony was Sabah Cultural Board Chairman Datuk Wences Angang and BestaBorneo Managing Director Osman Rijan.

Adapted From: Daily Express
Date: 24/05/2011
Images: Google Images

Religous Tours

Relligious Tours 2011

"Kuching Religious tour. Our program is different from others. We started and others TRY to follow. Come, see and experience. Kuching religious tour through the eyes of D'SEVEN"

TOURS DATE :  10-13 Feb 2011 / 03-06March 2011 / 24-27March 2011 / 31March - 03April 2011 /07-10April 2011 /28-30May 2011 /09-12June 2011  


"Experience the solemn faith of this country.. Learn the cottage industries and visit the "little Brazil of Asia" the Giant Jesus Monument….

TOURS DATE :  26-31May 2011 / 25Aug - 04Sept 2011 /
22Sept - 02Oct 2011 / 23-27Nov 2011

"Understanding the Catholic Faith from this part of Asean Country" 
TOUR DATE : 01-08 June 2011 

"We started St. Anne Feast pilgrimage tours since 2004. In 2005,  we initiate the first Kadazan Mass until now… We lead & started, then  others follow.  For year 2011,  we are coming into Novena years…  To this date more than 100 pilgrims registered. Come, see and experience the true spirit of St. Anne feast (D'SEVEN TRAVEL'S patron saint)"

TOUR DATE :  28-31July 2011

"Experience the uniques of the Church where heaven and earth met as mentioned by the founder, Rev. Fr. James….  The church is a replica of the original basilica of Anne Velangkanni in INDIA.."

TOUR DATE :  21-25 February 2011  / 12-16March 2011 /
25-28 July 2011

"Come, see and experiences FAITH from the Catholic country… Philipines Religious Tour".  Eversince we started Philippines Religious tours 4 years ago, more than ten experiences fully recovery from sickness, success in businesses, studies, reunion with families… etc…..".

13-18 March 2011 (Manila/Baguio)
28Apr - 02May 2011 (Manila/Angeles)
09-14 May 2011 (Manila/Baguio)
28-31 Aug  (Manila/Angeles)
05-10Dec 2011 (Manila/Cebu)
14-191Dec 2011 (Manila/Baguio)
23-27Dec 2011 (Manila/Cebu)

Kota Kinabalu + Keningau + Sandakan
"We introduce the first ever Religious tour of 3 Diocese of Sabah. 10 Days 9 nights overland Sabah. Come and see the true meaning of faith practice by Sabahan and at the same time helping each other grow and stronger in faith by sharing, caring and praying together"
TOUR DATES :  04-13 August 2011

to 4 countries : Rome + Spain + Fatima + Lourdes
"From the apparation of Mother Mary to the footstep of the saints, lets journeyed together an experience culture, belief from this part of the earth by sharing the same faith and coming home with renewed blessing"

24Oct - 06Nov 2011
04-17 March 2012
03-16June 2012

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D'SEVEN TRAVEL & TOURS SDN. BHD. (Company No. 826064-U), was incorporated in Malaysia on the 21st. July 2008. The company's is registered with Ministry of Tourism Malaysia ( License No.KPL/LN 5783).

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kudat Malaysia

Kudat city in Sabah is situated at the tip of Borneo island, a state in the eastern part of Malaysia. Kudat serves as the administrative center for the Kudat Division, which includes the towns of Kudat, Sikuati, Matunggong, and some offshore islands.

Kudat is located on the northern part of the state of Sabah, about 190 kilometers north of Kota Kinabalu, the Sabah state capital. On the west, it faces the South China Sea, and on the east the Sulu Sea. Geographically the city is located tt latitude 6°55'north, longitude 116°50'east.

Kudat's population approximately about 75,000 and the ethnic composition is mainly Rungus and about 10% of the population is ethnic Chinese, and there are minorities of Bajau, Dusun, Murut, Bugis, and Suluk. However, there is also a considerable number of unregistered illegal immigrants from the nearby Philippines, notably from the Sulu regions and Mindanao.

The city was founded by A.H. Everett of the British North Borneo Company on December 7, 1881 to be the first capital of British North Borneo, due to its strategic geographic location. However, after being repeatedly raided by Bajau, Sulu and Illanun pirates, in 1883 the capital was shifted to the more secure port of Sandakan, on the east coast.

In the past Kudat is not a well known location for foreign visitors, however, there is a notable modern beach resort near the town, Kudat Golf & Marina Resort, which offer good foods and accommodation. The resort and the adjoining golf course was built on reclaimed land done in 70s by the then Chief Minister of Sabah Tun Dato Mustapha. The late Tun Mustapha was from Limau-limaun, across the bay from Kudat. The golf club is the oldest golf club in Borneo, Kudat Golf Club, founded in 1906, currently a 18 holes par 72 championship course. Other attractions include tours to nearby Rungus longhouses, where traditional brass gongs are made, and where honey is produced and to Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, the northernmost point on the island of Borneo.

During World War II, the Japanese Imperial Army built and maintained an air field here. The airfield was built by locals and forced labour from Java, Indonesia using coral stones as base. Many Indonesian died from disease and hunger. In 1945, B25 bombers of the United States Far East Air Force repeatedly bombed the air field and put it out of action. The current airfield operated by Malaysian Airport Berhad is built on part of the former military air field.

Source: Wikipedia

10 October 2009, " Links - Click Here "

TAMPARULI: Located some 36km from Kota Kinabalu, Tampa­ruli is set to soar into international tourism following the launch of a paragliding adventure. State Youth and Sports Assistant Minister Datuk Jahid Jahim said: “Once the sport takes off, it will benefit the local community in job and business opportunities, besides boosting Sabah’s tourism industry.”

Jahid, who is also Tamparuli assemblyman, said the area had high potential for paragliding activities.“This is good for Tamparuli as the sport will benefit locals,” he said after launching the event here recently.Also present was Korean Paragliding Association president Kim Dong Sul, had been here several times to conduct trial runs for the paragliding activities.

The activities are operated by Borneo Air Sport Ozone Adventures, with the takeoff on the 1,000m Bukit Ruhiang, while the flat land beside Tamparuli Cultural House near the town has been marked out as the landing site.“I was informed that there are about 250,000 paragliders in South Korea and about six million worldwide.“If we can get just 10,000 of them to come to Sabah, it will be a shot in the arm for tourism here,” Jahid noted.

He said there were plans to promote activities such as white-water rafting to tap the sub-district’s potential as a tourism site.To a question on infrastructural development, Jahid said that paragliding required minimal costs while providing maximum impact in terms of tourism to the local economy.He expressed confidence in the sport as youths craved for challenges and an adrenalin rush.Meanwhile, Kim said that Sabah had suitable hills and mountains like Bukit Ruhiang for paragliding.Borneo Air Sport Ozone Adventures chief operations manager Bruce Patrick Soimil, who has known Kim for three years, hoped to bring international paragliding competitions to Tamparuli next year.

Meanwhile, Sungai Kiulu in the district is gaining attention as a tourism destination because of its crystal clear water and rapids, making it suitable for extreme sports. The Kiulu 4M Challenge is held here every year with participants from all over Malaysia converging to watch or participate in activities like running, bamboo-rafting, swimming with bamboo and walking on bamboo stilts.

Due to the encouraging response, the Sabah government has listed the event in the state tourism calendar and put Kiulu on the world tourism map. — Bernama

Story Adpted from: The Star, Bernama
Picture: Bernama
Sources: The Star Online

Tanak Nabalu Homestay

Tamparuli Home Stay


Tanak Nabalu Homestay is located in the plains of the valley-Lobong Kg.Lobong Kota Belud. Located about 60km from Kota Kinabalu city, 33km from Tamparuli Sabah and 5km from the main road Kota Kinabalu-Ranau. This Home Stay background view is the mighty Mt.Kinabalu. Tanak Nabalu Homestay name was taken from the stone call Tanak Watu Mount Kinabalu, located in the middle of Kg. Lobong-Lobong Kota Belud. The Local call it " Tanak Watu Nabalu " which mean in English small rock of Mt.Kinabalu.Tanak Nabalu Homestay has a strategic location and background view is so beautiful. A comfortable atmosphere whereby it got natural beauty which becomes the main eset of this place.


1. Visiting the "Tanak Nabalu" or shaped stone of Mount Kinabalu
2. Pay a visit to the waterfalls
3. Jungle wilderness / natural forests in the area near the Garden State.
4. Enjoying the river water is not contaminated.
5. Visit the Orchid Garden Collection Mr.Rainol Sulutan
6. Visiting Lubuk Freshwater Fish (The Tagal Kaung)


1. Performance culture (Mengagong, Togungak)
2. Local People Games (Momolositik, Monopuk, Tongkisus)
3. Rubber Tapping
4. Collecting freshwater fish from Tagal System - Once a year
5. Vine fish
6. Retailer (cultivated rice) and Mongomot (Harvest Rice) Hill

About Sabah

Sabah land below the wind is a perfect country for domestic & overseas travel. Kota Belud is synonymous with the cultural diversity of society and also has a unique natural environment and places that attract as a new tourist destination. Lobong-lobong have a complete package for a visit for the local and foreign tourist. Background and backdrop of Home Stay is high plains of Mount Kinabalu, Mount Kinabalu mini stand, waterfalls, clean water and fish water, rich flora & fauna, recreation place, comfortable & exciting, challenging place to bike, camp programs and more.

This Homestay Program is a new facility located in this place, When you visit our Homestay Tanak Nabalu you will enjoy local fruits such as pineapple, durian, rambutan, langsat, Tarap and many more.

Mr.djuanis Mogirong
H/p: 0198973637

Stroy by: Travel Log Book Admin
Sources: Direct Contact
Picture: Mr Djuanis Mogirong - owner Tanak Nabalu Home Stay/ www.tamparulisabah
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